CloudKnox Security Bolsters Protection from Identity and Resource Risk in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Company introduces Privilege-on-Demand, Auto-Remediation and Anomaly Detection capabilities ahead of Black Hat USA to provide more context, visibility and intelligence

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CloudKnox Security, the leader in identity privilege management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, today introduced new capabilities to continue to transform how enterprises address unexpected and excessive identity and resource risk. The company will demonstrate Privilege-on-Demand, Auto-Remediation for Machine Identities and Anomaly Detection in the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform for the first time at Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, August 7-8, 2019.

The release of the new capabilities illustrates CloudKnox Security’s continued momentum in product innovation and growth, specifically to its JEP Controller. The JEP (Just Enough Privileges) Controller lets customers across highly regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare, automatically right size over-provisioned identity privileges across VMware, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Privilege-on-Demand enables customers to grant privileges to identities for a predetermined period of time, on a specific resource, or on an as-needed basis. Privilege-on-Demand offers three options: 1) Privilege-on-Request; 2) Privilege Self-Grant; and 3) Just-in-Time Privilege to perform an action on a specific resource for a set period of time.

Auto-Remediation for Machine Identities allows CloudKnox customers to automatically revoke all unused privileges on a regular basis for a predetermined set of non-human identities. A common use case for auto-remediation is a set of service accounts that are performing a few repetitive tasks with a limited number of privileges. When these service accounts are over-provisioned, they can leave organizations wide-open to privilege misuse or exploitation.

Anomaly Detection is a by-product of CloudKnox’s Risk Management Module. The Module gives CloudKnox customers a multi-dimensional view into their environments from an identity, action or resource perspective. Based on this data, CloudKnox creates risk profiles for each unique identity and resource. Profiles are then used to detect anomalous behavior, such as an identity that performs a high-risk action for the first time on a resource(s) they have never accessed.

“Security and infrastructure teams often don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with the proliferation of privileges, roles, resources and services across multiple cloud platforms, which makes it difficult to identify, remediate and manage risk,” said Balaji Parimi, Founder and CEO, CloudKnox. “Regardless of where our customers are on the cloud maturity continuum, they can leverage the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform to quickly visualize and truly understand their risk posture so they can take immediate action to protect their cloud resources.”

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To see a demo of the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform during Black Hat USA, visit Booth IC2202.

About CloudKnox Security

CloudKnox Security is the only Cloud Security Platform built from the ground-up to support the monitoring and management of identities, actions and resources across hybrid and multi-cloud environments using an Activity-based Authorization model. Through an extensible single platform, CloudKnox transforms how organizations implement the principle of least privilege and empowers security teams to proactively address accidental and malicious credential misuse by continuously detecting and mitigating identity risks. CloudKnox is based in Sunnyvale, CA.


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