Cognition Financial Introduces a Way to Cover College-related Expenses at Zero Interest (0% APR) for the First 6 Months

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Cognition Financial announced the launch of Start Student Loan (, the first private student loan to offer borrowers a 0% introductory APR and the ability to transfer balances of other private student loans into this 0% introductory APR loan.

“As we have been for decades, we continually look for opportunities to innovate to help families better afford their education. Start is the first private student loan to provide borrowers with a six month interest-free period. Start also includes our unique in-school refinancing option so borrowers can refinance existing private student loans into a new Start loan and enjoy six months of 0% interest on the total balance of the new loan,” said Daniel Meyers, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cognition Financial.

Cognition Financial will perform sales, marketing, origination and portfolio management services.

About Cognition Financial

Cognition Financial helps students finance their education through products and services offered directly to students and with national and regional financial institution partners. For more information, please see Cognition Financial supports responsible lending and is a strong proponent of the smart borrowing principles, which encourage students to access scholarships, grants and federally-guaranteed loans before considering private education loans; please see


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Cognition Financial Corporation

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