Crown Sterling Issues Statement Regarding Recent Allegations Made at Black Hat 2019

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Crown Sterling, an emerging digital cryptography firm, today issued a statement to address recent claims made at Black Hat 2019 regarding the company’s presentation made at the show.

On August 7, Crown Sterling announced TIME AI™, the world’s first dynamic ‘non-factor’ based quantum AI encryption software to protect data privacy for consumers and enterprise systems –

Robert E. Grant, Crown Sterling Founder and CEO, also gave a presentation at Black Hat in a ballroom filled at-capacity on August 8 entitled, “Discovery of Quasi-Prime Numbers: What Does this Mean for Encryption?” related to his paper published through Cornell University in March, 2019 where he identified the first Infinite Prime Number prediction pattern. The discovery was published on Cornell University’s titled: “Accurate and Infinite Prime Number Prediction from Novel Quasi-Prime Analytical Methodology.” The paper was co-authored by Physicist and Number Theorist Talal Ghannam PhD.

Some allegations were made at Black Hat 2019 claiming that Grant’s presentation included misrepresentations and erroneous claims.

The company’s response to these allegations: “Crown Sterling has announced a legitimate multi-dimensional encryption technology that challenges the paradigm of today’s encryption framework. We understand that the discovery completely transforms the way we secure data and that some members of the security industry are resistant to change or accepting of new technologies that do not conform to traditional approaches,” said Grant. “We completely stand behind all content presented at Black Hat 2019 and we look forward to presenting further developments about the company and our quantum AI encryption technology. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Crown Sterling.”


Crown Sterling is an emerging digital cryptography firm based in Newport Beach, California. For more information on Crown Sterling, please visit, and to learn more about TIME AI™, please visit


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