European IT Powerhouse TenderHut Unveils New Office in Guangzhou, China

BIALYSTOK, POLAND / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2019 / TenderHut Group is proud to announce the opening of its inaugural office in China. The presence in Guangzhou, one of China’s leading industrial and trade hubs, reflects the group’s ambitions to expand the reach of its high-tech services and expertise across Asia. The Guangzhou office, which will eventually house 20 employees, is dedicated to serving the Chinese market and follows the successful launch of other office locations outside Poland including New York City, London, Zurich, Dublin, Munich, Stockholm, Paris, and Copenhagen.

TenderHut subsidiary Solution4Labs will use the new office as a launchpad to offer on-site implementation of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Alongside Polish experts, TenderHut’s first employees in China will be responsible for fulfilling a project entailing the implementation of LIMS systems across 100 research and testing centers located throughout China.

Guangzhou was chosen specifically due to its industrial and technological composition, along with the proximity to multiple regional universities and research centers. Moreover, it serves as an access point to one of China’s highest concentrations of modern industrial companies operating in the fields of electronics, machine manufacturing, metallurgy and petrochemistry. Importantly, the new office will help TenderHut gain a foothold in one of the globe’s fastest-growing economies while showcasing Polish IT proficiency and capitalizing on China’s vast potential.

According to Solution4Labs COO Paweł Gawkowski, “This is where the biggest and most modern industry is concentrated, and laboratories are critical components of the entire technological process. This country is growing at lightning speed; China’s GDP grew by 6.4% annually during the first quarter of 2019, and in spite of the stereotypes, this growth is not based on cheap labor but on advanced technologies. Hence, our presence there.”

TenderHut Group CEO Robert Strzelecki adds, “The Chinese branch is the 9th foreign office of TenderHut Capital Group, but the first in Asia. This is our starting point, and we will certainly be engaged in its expansion. For the last half-year of preparations for opening the office, we have learned much, and we want to carry this experience over to other companies in the Group. Rituals are important in China. Just exchanging business cards is a strict and rigid procedure that must be followed. Gaining a partner’s trust is a slow process, but once it is there, collaboration goes smoothly.”

About TenderHut Group

Established in 2015, TenderHut Capital Group delivers IT services designed to support companies that are applying for public contacts along with technological advisory services covering the areas of analysis, design, selection, and auditing of IT architectures and software solutions. The Group currently consists of 6 subsidiaries, each of which are focused on operating within their specific niche of expertise. This includes SoftwareHut, Solution4Labs, LegalHut, ProtectHut, ExtraHut, and Zonifero.


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SOURCE: TenderHut Group

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