Real Estate “Shark” Helps Homeowners and Investors Simultaneously

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2019 / Real estate investors are known for flipping properties and making a big profit. But how many of them actually help other homeowners and investors at the same time?

Kris Gomez is a successful real estate investor who believes in helping other people achieve the American dream just like he did. After growing up in several of the motels of Ontario, California, he went off to pursue the American dream for himself and found great success doing it.

For Gomez, the real estate investment business put him on the path to fame and fortune. But he wasn’t fortunate enough to have a mentor to guide him along his journey. Instead, Gomez had to figure out everything on his own.

Thanks to his previous career as a telemarketer, he developed certain negotiating skills and strategies which made him a millionaire from the real estate investment business. Now he teaches these strategies to other investors with very little money who are just starting out.

Okay, so how does this benefit the homeowners of the properties in which he purchases? Since Gomez primarily buys wholesale real estate, he is basically purchasing people’s homes at below-market prices. However, people are willing to sell their homes for these kinds of prices when they’re faced with unfortunate circumstances.

For instance, let’s say a homeowner loses their job and can no longer afford to pay their mortgage. They might try to put their home on the market with the help of a realtor, but they likely won’t catch any buyers if their home has repairs that need to be done. Since the homeowner doesn’t have the money to make those repairs, they end up stuck in a bad situation.

Unless the homeowner sells their home quickly, their mortgage lender will file a foreclosure notice. This will destroy the homeowner’s credit and make it impossible for them to ever purchase another home again. So, when investors like Gomez come along and make a cash offer to purchase homes like these, it gives homeowners a way to save their credit and cash out quickly. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

Gomez wants to empower more investors to do this too. By teaching his strategies for flipping wholesale properties, he is allowing other investors to profit and save more homeowners from having their credit destroyed. Anyone who wants to learn from Gomez can visit and sign up to attend his Accelerator event in Hollywood, California at the end of July.

Gomez is only 34 years old and has accomplished so much in such a short time. Not only is he helping to save people’s finances, but he is also helping to save people’s lives too. His firm, KMD Property Solutions, currently donates a percentage of its gross sales to help the sick children of Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Gomez has a young daughter named Scarlette, so he understands the love that a parent feels for their child. He wants to give other parents the chance to see their children grow up and prosper in their lives. Saint Jude’s works toward finding treatments for children who are suffering from cancer and other fatal diseases. Every donation to fund the hospital’s research is just one step closer to saving a child’s life. Want to reach Kris? Contact


SOURCE: KMD Property Solutions

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