Restorative Medicine Now Offers IV Therapy In New York, NY

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2019 / New York, NY based Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch of their clinic. Focusing on IV Therapy treatments, the clinic accepts new patients on both same-day and scheduled appointments.

Restorative Medicine, led by Vladimir Alexeyenko, M.D., has been helping New York City residents find relief from their ailments for several years, providing a variety of treatments that are accessible and catered towards fulfilling each of the needs that a patient may have. More information on the clinic is available at the following link:

Dr. Alexeyenko states that the clinic had been preparing for the new branch’s opening for quite some time. They wanted to have everything fully prepared so they were ready to begin operating at full capacity from the minute they opened their doors to the public. With the addition of this branch, the clinic is now able to provide one of the most comprehensive IV-related healthcare services available in New York. This enables patients to seek a number of effective solutions to their health problems.

“We hope that New York residents can make good use of the myriad benefits that IV Therapy offers,” states Dr. Alexeyenko, adding that the clinic will be increasing their efforts to raise awareness of these benefits as time goes on. He says, “We have already welcomed our first few patients, whose treatment and recovery went as smoothly as expected. We hope that they will share their experiences with their friends and family, as we believe our IV treatments can be greatly beneficial to any person, regardless of their lifestyle.”

On their website, Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy features a customer review written by Alex Eingorn, a patient who underwent an IV Treatment by Dr. Alexeyenko in NYC. He says that he found Dr. Alexeyenko, “a very well trained and well rounded doctor that listens to you and makes his clinical decisions based on his many years of experience in surgery and medicine. He always asks the best questions and arrives at the correct diagnosis, and the best possible treatment plan. Next time you are looking for IV therapy, I recommend Dr. Alexeyenko’s clinic.” Learn more here: IV Therapy Near Me.

The success behind the IV Therapy treatments that Restorative Medicine offers is due to the center’s practitioners’ years of experience in the field, combined with their commitment to finding and applying preventative holistic treatment options that will keep their patients healthy and well. Sharing the belief that the mind and body work together to protect an individual from disease and promote healing, Restorative Medicine seeks to activate and enhance this partnership with the help of the treatments they offer. Relying on IV Therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy, for instance, they are able to quickly and naturally restore the lost nutrients and vital compounds that patients need to live the best and healthiest life possible, bringing balance back to their body and mind.

Dr. Alexeyenko asserts that this therapy is the perfect option for individuals who seek an antidote to cure the damage caused by stress and other aspects of modern life. He says, “Stress is a part of life that has become more and more toxic over the years. Today, many factors play a role in an individual’s mental health that did not exist in the past, such as environmental toxins, working long hours at a desk, disrupted sleep patterns, and eating on the run. While these are issues that rob you of vibrancy and energy, the modern age has also brought forth ways to fight this decline and reduce its negative impact on the body. Treatments such as IV Therapy can completely negate these effects, giving individuals the balanced mental health that they deserve.”

Those interested in learning more about Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy New York NY may reach out to Dr. Alexeyenko to follow up on any inquiries. Furthermore, they may also visit the company’s website, which features a complete list and description of each of the services offered by the clinic. The website also hosts a blog section, which the clinic regularly updates with advice and resources to help their readers live a happy and healthy life.


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