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BAHAMAS / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2019 / One of the most regulated sectors of the world’s economy is the Financial Services Industry. It is an essential contributor for a better and steadily developing society. The progressed within humankind banking and finance sector since the 19th century has developed significantly. Unfortunately, Even how already good it is, the services of the current banking and financial industry failed to meet what its customers need and deserve. Lack of Trust, Lack of Speed and Security slow down the services they’ve provided. Although the fees and the hidden charges that they’re collecting is quite expensive we’re still struggling due to slow the development rate today.


Admit it, you’re aware of the drawbacks and limitations of what the current financial and banking system of the world services. The Financial crisis has been uncovered and individual and businesses who uses the traditional payment system hindered by;

  • High fees due to multiple intermediaries

  • Lengthy transaction time due to centralization

  • Territorial limitations as traditional banks are limited by country boundaries

  • Currency barriers as banks works only with fiat currencies



Everyone is watching how blockchain’s kick off and revolutionizing the banks and financial industry since the technology genie in 2009 has been unleashed from its bottle. Blockchain has an extraordinary thing that centralized can never had, An immutable and unhackable distributed database of digital assets. .

Today we’ve finally take the wraps off of a Blockchain-based Multifunctional Banking Services Platform; Virsymcoin.

The purpose of Virsymcoin is to address the drawbacks of the traditional financial system and shortcomings of the cryptocurrency by offering its a multifunctional platform of banking services combining digital and traditional currency.

VirSymCoin presents at Bahamas Blockchain and Crypto Currency conference.

Way Back in March 2017, Virsymcoin conceit with a vision of becoming the premier blockchain-based crypto asset in the Bahamas and in the Caribbean region. Today, Virsymcoin is licensed in Bahamas and Belize, and their eWallet is now ready to go and they are currently accepting crypto and fiat.

Virsymcoin’s digital and transparent services are not only for the traditional banking services but it will also deliver a cryptocurrency exchange for the business and consumer world. Their mission is to fabricate and diminish the risk bound with the financial fraud.

“VirSymCoin (VSC) is a blockchain-based banking service designed to increase the flow of cryptocurrencies in the real economy. It is an AI-empowered multi-utility financial platform. VSC is designed to allow people to use fiat as well as for cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day purchases without really having to be concerned about the technology behind the system. VSC envisions becoming a truly global bank in the post fiat world. Its entire framework is structured to enhance the utility of all crypto Tokens and simultaneously facilitate all those who still want to transact in fiat. VSC’s suite of products allows it to touch the financial lives of every crypto user and change it for the better.”

Dario Roberts has over 20+ years of providing general oversight on a senior management level of day-to-day operations and activities of his international companies, Bahabeach USA Inc, Bahabeach Bahamas Ltd, Bahabeach India, Guannihani Inc, Virsymcoin Ltd (Bahamas), Virsymcoin International Holdings (Belize), Virsympay and RiskHighPay

Dario Roberts, the Founder/ CEO/ Chairman of Virsymcoin has a very busy schedule all of the development and build relationships with potential investors. Dario presents the very first ever Bahamas Blockchain & Cryptocurrency conference, where he gained spark and attention and led to building a strong community behind the VSC experience.

“What they are saying essentially is that we are welcoming, (when other countries are a bit ‘iffy’ and uncertain), the blockchain and cryptocurrency here in The Bahamas. We are trying to find solutions as to how we can marry and tie institutions like the banks, which deal with fiat currency – the traditional paper money and the actual cryptocurrency, the virtual currency. They are trying to find a way to marry both of them and I think The Bahamas Government is on the right track.”

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