KUROS Gives Women a Fighting Chance Against Violence and Sexual Assault

Entrepreneur Kuro Tawil and his brand, KUROS, empower at-risk women across the world with free pepper spray and training

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2019 / Entrepreneur Kuro Tawil believes in taking a bold approach in the fight to end gender-based violence. His social impact brand, KUROS, provides free pepper spray and training to women who face high risks of violence and sexual assault in developing countries. The mission: Empower them to feel safer and lead more mobile, confident lives.

“Women have encountered violent attacks and sexual assault for centuries – enough is enough,” said Tawil. “Instead of protests or trying to work with local justice systems, which often stand idle, we are arming women with a non-lethal form of protection that gives them a fighting chance against these threats.”

The organization was founded in 2013 after Tawil’s graduation from Texas State University and an eye-opening backpacking trip across Pakistan, Nepal and India. “I’ve seen and heard, firsthand, the empowerment that comes with the protection of pepper spray,” explains Tawil. “Many women say that carrying it curbs violence in their communities and makes them feel confident enough to leave their homes, get an education and find work.”

KUROS teams up with trusted distribution partners, most recently Mace® Brand, and Women’s Rights Groups to deliver free pepper spray. Within six years, Tawil and his team have made eight international trips that impacted the lives of more than 100,000 women in El Salvador, India, South Africa and the Philippines. He also established an online store that sells items like clothing and wristlets to help fund pepper spray distribution. For every item sold, a container of pepper spray is given to a woman in need.

“I believe the steps we’re taking will create a ripple effect on the socioeconomic landscape of many third-world countries,” said Tawil. “When women feel confident and empowered, they can lift up their entire communities.”

In addition to planning more distribution trips, Tawil is developing a mobile app that will give women a safe way to report attacks and stay in contact with local partners. The data collected will be leveraged to add law enforcement support in high danger areas. He also plans to present his findings to the United Nations with hopes of drawing more support and relief for women facing gender-based violence.


KUROS is a humanitarian lifestyle brand that puts vital self-defense products in the hands of at-risk women around the world. From South Africa and India to El Salvador and Manila, the organization is giving women a fighting chance at protecting themselves from assault and living their fullest lives without fear.

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