Racing with Sunshine and Flowers: 2019 Tour of Panzhihua Was Held Successfully

PANZHIHUA, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2019 / On November 24th, the final match day of the 2019 Tour of Panzhihua, cycling fans and local people gathered happily again at the starting point of the China Third-Line Construction Museum in Panzhihua, cheering for the 18 domestic and foreign teams who started the second stage of the city A-to-B competition.

After the 114.7 km competition, from the Panzhihua China Third-Line Construction Museum to Miyi County Cultural Square, Vitaliya Boots of the Ukrainian Kiev Intercontinental Team won the individual championship of the 2019 Panzhihua tour, as well as Panzhihua “Hero Jersey”, Orange Jersey, and harvested the sprinter green jersey, becoming the biggest winner. The climbing polka-dot jersey went to Alberto Ortega of the Taiwan RTS Cycling Team. The best Greater China individual was awarded to LI Shuai from the Malaysian Magotan Cycling Team. In terms of the total score of teams, the Ukrainian Kiev Intercontinental Team ranked first, and the best Greater China group was China Kunbao Sports Intercontinental Team.

The competition was hosted by the Chinese Cycling Association, the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, the Panzhihua Municipal People’s Government, the Panzhihua Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, the Eastern District government, the Renhe District government, the Miyi County government, and the Yanbian County government. Austrian Sports Industry Co., Ltd. operates and promotes this competition. It includes a circuit competition and an A-to-B competition. The route starts from the Panzhihua China Third-Line Construction Museum, passing through the Eastern District, Huacheng New District, Renhe District, and finally returning to the Panzhihua China Third-Line Construction Museum. The total length is about 82.7 kilometers. The A-to-B competition starts from the Panzhihua China Third-Line Construction Museum, passing through the Eastern District, Yanbian County, and Miyi County, and finally reaching the Yiyi County Cultural Square. The total length is about 114.7 kilometers. The unique features of modern urban architecture and the Panxi Rift Valley can be seen in this route, which makes the exciting racing even more fascinating.

The lineup of the teams participated was upgraded again, and 18 domestic and foreign teams (including 6 European and American teams, 6 Asian teams and 6 domestic teams) were invited to take part in the professional competition, and more than 300 amateur players participated in the amateur competition as well. The three-line construction spirit of Panzhihua was jointly conveyed, and it showed the unique natural resources and the achievements of the two cities to the world, as well as the city label of Panzhihua’s famous “Sunshine Sports and Recreation Area”.

As the only city named after flowers in China, Panzhihua has an altitude, temperature and humidity that are especially suitable for human recuperation. The sunshine prevails and the flowers are blooming all year round. With the reputation of “flower city”, it also inspired the athletes’ best competitive state and brought an exiciting bicycle competition to the audience.

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