A new Patient-Centered Endowment Fund launched by France Biotech: “HealthTech For Care”

  • More than ever, access to medical innovation for all patients is a major economic and societal challenge.
  • The fund will actively contribute to building a stronger and sovereign healthcare ecosystem in France and Europe to accelerate access to healthcare solutions for all patients.

PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2020 / A new patient-centered endowment fund, HealthTech For Care, launched by France Biotech, to accelerate patient access to healthcare solutions and contribute to building a stronger healthcare ecosystem in France and Europe from academic research to entrepreneurship, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative medical solutions. Healthtech For Care’s approach involves the opening up of all ecosystems involved in health tech innovation, such as research departments, healthtech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and public and private investors. To this end, the fund wishes to increase exchanges between these key players in order to bring therapeutic solutions under development to market more quickly, to benefit all patients.

HealthTech For Care has three main goals:

  • Facilitate a stronger understanding and coordination between health professionals’ practice areas, to further medical research and benefit patients;
  • Promote exchanges and dissemination of information on innovative therapies, treatments and therapeutic approaches through dedicated, patient-focused conferences and events with patient associations;
  • Provide all patients with access to more efficient care.

The HealthTech For Care fund was founded by France Biotech; Maryvonne Hiance, VP and co-founder of OSE Immunotherapeutics; and several key industry leaders; and will foster access to innovative healthcare solutions for all patients through the organization of Europe-focused initiatives and events. These events will bring together academic researchers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and leaders in the commercialization of new medical technologies and treatments.

HealthTech For Care’s first event will be the HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID®), which will be held in Paris, October 5th-6th, 2020. This event, which was launched in 2019 by France Biotech, brings together leaders in health tech, international pharma, patient associations and public and private investors to advance and accelerate the development of healthcare solutions. The HTID® will support the development of European health tech companies through thematic roundtables on new life sciences trends, networking opportunities and private meetings between entrepreneurs, international pharma companies, global healthcare investors, KOLs and other experts in the field. For more information, visit the event website: http://www.htid-paris.com/

“More than ever, we are aware that access to medical innovation for all patients is a major economic and societal challenge. To address this, we have created HealthTech For Care, which puts the interests of patients first. We are convinced that the quality of interactions between key industry players is a determining factor in accelerating the transition from research to market and enabling faster access for all patients to new medical solutions. The endowment fund will push the goals of the HTID forward by funding an event that contributes directly to the sustainable future of healthcare, and advancing access to cutting-edge,” said Maryvonne Hiance, President of HealthTech For Care.

“France Biotech has developed the HealthTech For Care fund to strengthen the ability to federate, structure and encourage cooperation between the various stakeholders in the health tech sector in France and Europe. The actions carried out with the help of this endowment fund are ultimately aimed at ensuring that the innovative solutions we develop, benefit patients as quickly as possible,” said Franck Mouthon, President of France Biotech.

About HealthTech For Care

The HealthTech For Care endowment fund is designed to support and promote access to care for all and, more specifically, to new medical technologies and drugs. The missions of the endowment fund are structured around three main areas: Supporting the development of the entire health ecosystem, accelerating the development of innovative therapies and treatments, and promoting better access to healthcare for patients in the French healthcare system and more widely throughout Europe. HealthTech For Care is administrated by Maryvonne Hiance, Elsy Boglioli, David Caumartin, Pierre Courteille, Eric Falcand, Marc Le Bozec, Cédric Moreau, Franck Mouthon, Christian Pierret and Christian Policard.

About HTID®

The purpose of the event is to drive and foster collaborations within the European healthcare and life sciences ecosystems. The HealthTech Innovation Days bring the European healthcare community together to discuss new trends in research & development. This symposium also features conferences and panel discussions, networking and private meetings between innovative European HealthTech companies, pharmaceutical companies, life sciences-specialized investors, healthcare experts, KOLs and institutional representatives. In addition to the ongoing private networking, attendees can expect roundtables focused on critical economic and political issues that impact health technology developments. The HealthTech Innovation Days are intended for publicly listed companies whose market capitalization is at least €20 million, or for privately held biotech firms whose drug candidates are currently undergoing late Phase I studies. For MedTech companies, medical devices must have already obtained the CE mark in Europe or FDA approval in the United States. Details of the roundtables will be announced in the coming weeks. HTID® 2020 will be held on October 5&6 in Paris. http://www.htid-paris.com/

About France Biotech

Founded in 1997, France Biotech is an independent association that brings together HealthTech entrepreneurs and their expert partners. It actively contributes to meet the many challenges of the HealthTech industry (i.e. companies’ financing, innovation-related taxes, regulatory and market access related issues) and offers concrete competition and solutions through its commissions and working groups. The goal is to help startups and SMEs become international leaders capable of rapidly developing and bringing innovative solutions to patients.


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