Florida Laboratory Interviews With NBC Thanks to Connection Made by Earned Media Advantage Strategist

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2020 / ​​​​​With the help of an Earned Media Advantage Strategist leveraging the power of Newswire’s distribution and outreach technology, a Florida DNA laboratory was able to schedule a major interview with NBC, as well as an interview with a local outlet. The brand was looking to promote an internal campaign through the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour and will have better opportunities to do so after scheduling these interviews.

Newswire was recently ranked as a top press release distribution platform for ease of use by G2 Crowd. In the case of the DNA lab from Florida, the Guided Tour helped the brand by providing them with the contacts or resources necessary to effectively target the media they desired. Through this targeting, the lab was able to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, through the right medium.

“The two different levels of coverage are an excellent achievement both for the lab and our strategist,” said Charlie Terenzio, VP of Earned Media Strategy.

“When you combine national and local coverage, there is a layering effect that reinforces the significance of the story. In other words, having both kinds of coverage doubles the importance of the brand in the eyes of the audience. They can see the company on the local news and then see how national outlets are paying attention as well. It really just adds an extra layer of social proofing to the brand’s reputation, which is fantastic.”

Prior to the Guided Tour, the brand was lacking the resources and direction to effectively orchestrate a comprehensive media and marketing communications campaign. With the help of Newswire’s team of experts, the lab was able to enhance their overall outreach and brand awareness.

Customers can now transform “owned” media (press releases) into the “Earned Media Advantage”. Using the right strategies, customers can lower their costs of press releases, increase the value of each release and lower paid-media costs while shortening the journey to achieve earned media mentions.

To ensure the success of the services, an expert Earned Media Advantage Strategist leads customers through the journey every step of the way. The journey is designed to empower the Earned Media Advantage by developing a plan that is based on a media communications survey that defines press release content value and distribution. Customers are also provided a media communications calendar, services to set up, operate and manage media databases, media monitoring alerts, statistical analysis, reporting and media room news collection and sharing to ensure Customer Success.

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