Why This Seven-Figure Entrepreneur Says Success Will Come When You Focus On Your Strengths

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2020 / As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to feel the need to do it all, especially in the beginning. You may want to do anything to have a sense of control of just about everything in the company, but this will lead to burn out quickly. So for Justin Preer, to become successful, you really need to focus on your strengths.

Being the President and COO of Valiant Consultants, he now runs a seven-figure business, which he grew in just ten months. And the secret to this incredible success is how Justin and his co-founders allowed themselves to take on roles and day to day duties that they would truly excel in. Each of them focused on their strengths and what value it could bring to the company. On top of that, they weren’t afraid of getting the best people on board, such as a trustworthy staff, competitive contractors, and experts, to really allow the company to expand and prevent personal burn out.

Most companies adopt an approach where everyone has to wear different hats at once. While this could help the company for quite some time, this could lead to overlapping responsibilities, overlooked aspects of the company, and eventually, frustration and burnout. This is exactly why focusing on your strengths is important for the company.

More than just focusing on your strengths, Valiant Consultants is where it is now because of their ability to adapt. They started in the dropshipping niche and later on decided to offer wholesale services. They were quick to pivot and agile to bring on new partners to help the company succeed and provide the best results for their clients.

Justin continued to optimize their existing systems in place and looked for ways to get better results for their clients to bring more value as they move forward. Not only that, but they are also keen to introduce new services in the near future, which will be huge for their existing market along with a whole new market.

Through Valiant Consultants, they were not only able to achieve financial success as a company, but they were also able to help their client achieve financial success. They are able to help their clients get their business to a revenue-generating stage that could change their lives by making it sustainable, scalable, and profitable. Ultimately, Justin is able to change the lives of their staff, which has led to life-changing lifestyles for them and their family.

Today, Justin Preer is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. His experiences span within 12 years of owning multiple companies, being on the executive level, operational, and even marketing roles. If given a chance, he wanted to be able to find channels like podcasts, where he can have opportunities to share his story and give advice to help young entrepreneurs achieve success just like he did.

Get to know more about Justin Preer through sending an email to justin@ValiantConsultants.co.

SOURCE: Justin Preer

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